Leveraging On Instagram Tools For E-Commerce

Social media has been a platform where most business entities use in advertising their products with an aim of increasing their sales. Instagram has currently proved to be one of the sites preferred by most people as its application encompasses various tools of much significance in marketing. Herein we explore five Instagram tools that can be leveraged on for e-commerce.

Using Scoutsee

Instagram as social websites forms one of the social platforms having an extensive way of engaging audience. In Instagram, customers would be attracted to the kind of pictures that a business entity posts concerning their product. However, Instagram does not allow direct shopping from the site causing some sense of limitation of interaction between a business entity and their customers. Despite this delimitation, scoutsee aids in solving this problem by giving an opportunity for the user to create shoppable posts on the site. This further gives the business opportunity of an additional link that a client can follow for more information concerning the product posted on the site.

Using Iconosquare

Aids in comprehensive analytics that gives potential buyers that opportunity of comparing the different products on the site. For instance, one can measure the demand of product posted on this site by looking at the number of likes from various people that might have viewed the product.

Using Wishpond

Makes it simpler for users to create as well as manage different Instagram contests. This tool aids in improving the any product visibility to customers. Besides, a business corporation can apply this tool in analyzing the trend or the behavior of customers towards the product of a specific company.

The Later tool

With increased frequency of posting content via the social platform comes constant engagement with the target market, especially when posted content is top notch and remains relevant. The Later tool is one of kind that one can use, enabling creation of a visual calendar to keep track of what is to be posted and when to post it. This tool gives one a preview of their Instagram feed to the followers thus enabling the creation of a posting timetable that augments the aesthetics of the feed.

The Taggd tool

Borrowing from previous studies, the confidence of people is more consumer anchored than it rests on trust brands under-girding the need for e-commerce brands to leverage on user-generated content to arrest the confidence of consumers. The Taggd feature of Instagram can help market the e-commerce platform collecting photos tagged with a specific hashtag thereafter enabling display of those photos on the appropriate pages. The Olapic tool is also of significance, enabling the creation of effective ads on the platform. This tool enables quick and easy request to the rights of user-generated content.


The evolution of technology has seen the birth of the Instagram shopping, a feature that is set to change the sphere of shopping with multiple advantages to shoppers and e-commerce retailers. The social media platform is indeed one of a kind that can be leveraged on for e-commerce. It goes without mention that it can be a magnet for sales with ability to obtain traffic to the e-commerce website from the social media platform. Leveraging on these tools is surely a guarantee for results.


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